Have you seen your fellow Blakers holding their happy books in the display case in the hallway outside of the LMC?

What's that? You haven't?

Why don't you stop by and see what Blaker students and staffers like?

There certainly are a wide variety of books represented!

It just goes to show that it takes all kinds of books to make the world go round!

Quite a rich human and literary heritage!

Hey, what's going on with these footprints?

Why don't we channel our inner Sherlock Holmes and see where they lead.

This is quite mysterious!

Hmmm, they seem to lead to even more books and these books come with little recommendations on why they made a certain Blake student happy.

There's a wide variety of books here too - and you can even check one out if you'd like.

This one looks like a biography of Big Papi - Sox could still use his big bat!

Looks like good action in this one.

Can't argue with this!

If you'd like to pose for a picture with a happy book or would like to write a recommendation for a happy book, please come by the LMC and let me or Mrs Knott know.

Thanks top Mrs. Knott and Mrs. Gumas for their great creativity and work on the displays!

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