About the BlakerMakerspace

Blake MS launched a Makerspace as apart of the redesign of the LMC last year. This has given us the opportunity to bring the world of tinkering, exploring, designing, and inventing to our students and staff! It is filled with DIY/ Craft materials, old computers and printers, and recyclables like boxes, plastic containers, etc. A Big Thanks to the MCPE Coalition! They helped fund grants that added another dimension to Making with Little Bit circuits, Makey Makey Kits, 3D Makerbot Printer, Snap Circuits, Squishy circuits, video production equipment, Knex, Dash & Dot robots and soft furniture. With phase one of getting initial setup completed, the BlakerMakerspace is continually evolving into what we like to call phase two! The focus is now on having Blakers experience everything it has to offer to their learning and to spark interests they never knew they had!



Grants That Make This Possible

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Watch this space to follow our journey and learn more about how and what our BlakerMakers are bringing to the school! There will also be blog posts and you can follow us on Instagram: Iamablakermaker  or my twitter account: @techmonstah

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Take Apart Station
Yarn Goals Station
Construction Zone
Robots & Coding
Digital Production
Electronic Circuits De Jour!


We want the BlakerMakerspace to be more than this space in the LMC where all these creative, design, and innovative things happen. The vision is for it to ignite ideas to bring the power of the making mindset to the students and teachers and into their learning!