Hi Blakers, As you may have noticed, our school is celebrating Project Happiness this year. Happiness can be felt in many different ways - not just by laughing or giggling. Giving all you have in an athletic competition, eating a healthy and delicious meal with family or friends, helping you parents clean-up after a meal, or calling an old friend you haven't spoken with in a while, can all make you feel a sense of happiness.

The same can be said about the books we read. Happiness can come from much more than comic books (not that they can't also make you happy).

Here's how different books make some Blake students happy:

Finch Sullivan

Book Title: A Night Divided

Author: Jennifer Neilsen

Why it makes me happy:

Because it's all about family and sacrificing for your family.

Michael Perachi

Book Title: Dog Man Series

Author: Dav Pilkey

Why it makes me happy:

It makes me happy because it is

funny and random.

Sarah Hedges

Book Title: The One and Only Ivan

Author: Katherine Applegate

Why it makes me happy:

The book makes me happy becuse I enjoyed how Ivan (the gorilla) Stella (the elephant) become such

good friends.

Daniel Ribeiro

Book Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series

Author: Jeff Kinney

Why it makes me happy:

Funny and relatable.

Ava Walsh

Book Title: Wonder

Author: R. J. Palacio

Why it makes me happy:

It makes me happy because it has diversity. I like reading it because it shows that people can be different and still be OK.

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