Blake Reads Across America 2018

Hi Blakers,

We'll be celebrating Read Across America during SSR periods on Thursday, March 1 and Friday, March 2.

Overview: Do you remember a book you've read, at any time in your life - even if wasn't the best story - that for some reason you wished you could visit and be a part of? Maybe it was a character you thought you'd like to hang with. Maybe it was the book's setting - real or imagined. Or maybe it was the book's time period. Whatever the reason, we'd like you to think of that special book that made you feel you wanted in on! If you haven't really thought about it, think back on some books you've read and choose the one you think you'd most like to visit. If you have a copy, bring it to school on Thursday and Friday of next week. If you don't have a copy, it's OK, just know the title and author.

Here's what will happen during next week's Thursday and Friday SSR periods - don't worry, Advisory schedules will be adapted so no one will miss recess - mind and body!

Thursday, March 1: Be ready to tell your Advisory mates the title of your book and why you would like to pay a visit to the book.

Friday, March 2: This is the actual Read Across America day where students from all across the country read together. The Student Council is holding a Comfy Dress Day to encourage all to "cozy up to a good book" - details TBA. You may either read your “visit book” (if you have a copy) or another book,

"The mind of an adult begins with the imagination of a child."

Kwame Alexander

In an incredibly lucky coincidence, our upcoming March 8, Blake speaker, author Kwame Alexander, is the official Read Across America Ambassador! Let's get our Blake reading spirit going so we can share it with Kwame on the night of his presentation!

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