In pre-Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler is an uncle figure to high school student, Gretchen, who thinks he's an OK guy who really cares about his country - until she starts dating a guy who happens to be Jewish! Eighth graders, who will be visiting the Holocaust Museum on Washington Trip, would find this to be a fascinating story.


During the summer before 8th grade, Skeezie gets a job working with some high school toughs. He starts greasing his hair back, wearing a leather jacket and picks up the nickname "Elvis" but eventually comes to realize that what your insides look like is more important than what you wear on the outside. Final volume of The Misfits series.

INTO THE KILLING SEAS - by Michael P. Spradlin

Patrick and Teddy, stowaways on the US Navy cruiser Indianapolis during World War II, are forced into a life and death battle with sharks in the Pacific Ocean off of The Philippines after the ship is sunk by a Japanese submarine. Based on a true story!

CONTROL - by Lydia Kang

Del and her sister, Dylia, are living in the year 2150 - a time of automatic cars and strange genetically engineered people. While trying to rescue Dylia after she's kidnapped, Del discovers her father might be responsible - not for the kidnapping but for changing the human race!

BY THE GRACE OF TODD - by Louise Galveston

Sixth grader Todd Butroche is a total slob. His bedroom qualifies him to be the subject of one of those hoarding shoes on The Learning Channel. While attempting to clean up his dirty clothes, he discovers a colony of of tiny humanoids living on a fermenting sock under his bed. The humanoids worship Todd and make him their King. Things are going well until Todd tells his secret to the wrong person. Based on a true story - only kidding!

THE VACATION - by Polly Horvath

When twelve-year-old Henry's eccentric mother travels to Africa for the summer, Henry is left with two of his even more eccentric Aunts who decide to take him on a sightseeing trip around America which ends up seeming more prison-like than fun. Can he escape?

THE SECRET BOX - by Whitaker Ringwald

Jax and her nerdy cousin, Ethan, open a box that Jax's mother said they were never to touch. The box leads them into a secret adventure from which they may never return!

NORTH OF NOWHERE - by Liz Kessler

Thirteen-year-old Mia travels to a rural fishing village to help search for her missing Grandfather where the discovery of a diary on an abandoned boat leads her on the adventure of a lifetime. From the author of the Emily Windsnap series.

SAMURAI RISING - by Pamela S. Turner

Twelfth century Samurai Minamoto Yoshitsune, to avenge the death of his father and capture of his mother by a rival Samurai clan, leads his group to victory - based on true legends!

THE FIVE LIVES OF OUR CAT - by Joanne Rocklin

Oona and her brother, Fred love their cat, Zook. But when Zook gets sick and has to stay at the pet hospital, they feel he's getting sicker and must break him out in order to nurse him back to health. If you like cat videos on YouTube, you'll love this book!

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