Making It Glow in 7Gr Math Lab!

Make it Glow! Make it glow! Little Bits, (electronic Legos) has begun invading the 7th Grade Math Labs this week. Their teachers, Mrs. Gumas, Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Farrell wanted to get an early start in building the foundation of how students can incorporate interactivity (LEDS, MOVEMENT, or SOUND) into the Creature Feature designs coming up in May!

The first round of workshops was based off the Make It Glow Challenge found on the Little Bits website.

Students were asked to brainstorm the different ways we use Electronic Light in our daily lives? Think about why? Working in teams, they were given a selected set of Little Bits to explore and make observations that would help them figure out how to connect them, but also, what functions each one offered? Now they were ready to take on the Mini Challenges-

  1. Using only 3 Little Bits, make an automated flashing dance light

  2. Using only 3 Little Bits, change the color of a light to reflect your mood or emotion

  3. Change something in your circuit to make it interactive and hands free!

See the presentation below and Stay Turned for Workshop #2 coming to you next week!

A quick shoutout to the Medfield Coalition for their support to ensure that every single 7th grader could have access to adding Little Bits into their projects. But, it has also lent itself to evolving our Maker Mindset in pushing learning in other parts of our curriculum and Makerspace! Thank You!

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